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Our history
My vision
"Bringing Art, Fashion, and Photography Together: Continuing a Legacy of Excellence"

For over three decades, my family has been at the heart of the wedding photography industry, capturing the love and joy of couples on their special day. It all began when my father established this business, pouring his passion and talent into every frame. Now, as the next generation, I proudly carry forward his legacy.

Although my path initially led me towards the world of fashion, my passion for the arts and photography always remained intertwined. I pursued my studies in Fine Arts at a prestigious institution in the UK, where I honed my creative skills and developed a keen eye for aesthetics. Following my thirst for knowledge, I embarked on a journey in the fashion industry, attending Coventry University as a fashion student and later obtaining my degree at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. There, I specialized in media and communication, as well as creative direction within the fashion industry.

Throughout my professional journey, I had the opportunity to work both as a photographer and visual merchandiser for a renowned brand. These experiences allowed me to further refine my skills and broaden my creative horizons. However, my heart yearned to combine my love for fashion and photography and make a difference in the lives of couples on their special day.

Returning to my roots, I made the decision to bring my knowledge, passion, and international experience back to my country. By seamlessly blending the realms of art, fashion, and photography, I aim to create truly unique and captivating images that tell a story of love, beauty, and style. With a commitment to excellence inherited from my father and a fresh perspective shaped by my fashion background, I am dedicated to capturing your most precious moments with artistry, elegance, and a touch of fashion-forward flair.

Join me as we embark on a creative journey, where the worlds of fashion and photography converge, and your love story takes center stage. Together, we will create memories that are not only timeless but also infused with the beauty and artistry of fashion, ensuring that every image tells a story that is uniquely yours.
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